Boys Hostel

Sagarpara Education College has a separate hostel for boys And various technology-based environments. Facilities at Sagarpara Education College are very important academic resources and there are many more facilities on the campus due to the increasing busyness of the boy's hostel.

Boys Hostel

Sagarpara Education College

Sagarpara Education College Campus is a fully residential educational district. Sagarpara Education College has dormitory facilities for boys. The college has two hostels for boys (for first, second and third-year students). Each dormitory has wardens. Rooms with large amenities are large and warm. Mess facilities are available and students can get the nutritious, nutritious food of their choice. A home environment with rich educational function is provided. Each hostel is provided with a common room with indoor games. There is also a common ground for playing outdoor games such as football, cricket, volleyball, etc. "More" water purification system and 24 hours. "Wi-Fi" internet connection is also provided. All students are expected to stay in the hostel during their course. However, local students who live with their parents within a 25-kilometre radius of campus may be allowed to come home. Each of the hostels located within the Sagarpara Education College campus is equipped with a kitchen, dining room, ‘common room’ for students and telephone connection.

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  • 1.
    24x7 Electric Supply

    The entire hostel has all-time electric lights and digital board facilities for the students of Sagarpara Education College.

    As a result, there are many benefits for students to study in hostels.

  • 2.
    Benefits of All Time Free Wifi

    All-time free WiFi facility is available in the entire hostel for the students of Sagarpara Education College.

    As a result, students develop a whole lot about the internet. And there are the benefits of studying online easily.

  • 3.
    Fooding supply & First aid

    The hostel at Sagarpara Education College has three meals of vegetables and fish. As a result, the health of the students is good.

    And there are many good benefits of first aid for students so that students stay healthy.

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